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About Klezmer
What is Klezmer?
Klezmer is a Yiddish combination of two Hebrew words "Kley Zemer" which means musical instruments.

Klezmer music started in Eastern Europe by Jewish musicians.

The klezmer sound is similar to a big band sound or jazz. It has a jewish flavor to it which makes it sounds like Eastern European music and Jazz combined. 

Through the years, following the oppression of Jews in Europe, klezmer was neglected and almost forgotten, but when Jews from Eastern Europe immigrated to the USA they revived this happy Jewish klezmer music.

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Klezmer Music
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 The Sound Of Klezmer

The klezmer instruments were usually accoustic and included clarinet, violin, accordeon, accoustic guitar and a grand bass.

Modern Klezmer bands add drums and vocals to their  performance.  The lyrics, however are short repeated phrases. 

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